D5300 vs D5200 Comparison

Features of Nikon D5200:

D5200 is fairly a responsive in daily use.  D5200 replaced with by improving most of the features. The main features of D5200 are:

  • 24 MP-APS- C CMOS Sensor resolution.
  • An articulated LCD screen i.e. 3”
  • Has an ISO range i.e. 100-6400.
  • Faster continuous shooter i.e. 5ps and can record video in full HD 1920×1080 movies at up to 50i or 60i.
  • Support Wi-Fi, allow wirelessly transfer images from camera to phone or tablet.
  • 170˚ viewing angle.
  • 39 point AF system, 9 sensors cross type
  • 2016 pixel RGB metering sensor.

Although D5200 has improved features as compared to D5100 but faced some shortcoming that’s why replaced with D5300.

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Features of Nikon D5300:

D5300 has more advanced features than D5200.

The main features of D5300 are:

  • 24 MP-APS- C CMOS Sensor resolution without anti-aliasing filter.
  • Has higher ISO range i.e. 100-12800 as compared to D5200.
  • Wider articulated screen i.e. 3.2”.
  • Has built-in wireless Wi-Fi and GPS connection.
  • Faster continuous shooter i.e. 6ps and video shooter in full HD i.e. 1920×1080
  • 39 point AF system, 9 sensors cross type
  • 2016 pixel RGB metering sensor.

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Why to Prefer D5300 Over D5200:

In order to memorize and capture the natural, historical place every tourist as well as photographer would prefer to select that camera that is easy to carry. D5300 has ability to fulfill their demand. D5300 has weight of 480g that is less than D5200. Another feature that forced to prefer D5300 over D5200 is battery life. D5300 has large battery life means it can easily shots 600 pictures as compared to D5200 that can only capture 500 shots.

D5300 has also built in wireless Wi-Fi connection as well as GPS connections. So the D5300 has a capability to track your location that not be found in D5200.  Other features that make more preferable to D5300 over D5200 are low light ISO making high ISO performance.

Nikon D5300 can also be control by smartphones while this feature is not present in D5200 making D5300 to be more preferable than D5200. Image quality of D5300 is also better than D5200. Absence of Anti- aliasing filter makes sensor resolution more accurate so that sample is high level of detail.

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Here is a table that will summarize the improved features of Nikon D5300 that are either not present or not better in Nikon D5200.


CPMARISON of D5300 vs. D5200:

FEATURES D5300 D5200
Wireless connection Built-in Optional
GPS Connection Built-in Not present
ISO Range 12.800 6.400
Weight 480g 550g
Battery Life 600 Shots 500 Shots
Smartphone- Remote Control Yes No
Sensor Resolution 24MP without Anti- aliasing Filter 24MP


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